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Current developersFluffy Cloud
Latest version1.0
Depends onExtra Trees
Direwolf20 (1.7.10)

Binnie-Fix is a mod created by Fluffy Cloud that is designed to remove the crafting lag Extra Trees version 2.0-dev5 added. The mod works by removing the single NBTShapedRecipes object from the recipe list that Extra Trees added for the different types of wooden fence.

The combinations of all the different types of woods, fence types, and fence heights yields an impressive amount of items to look through to find the right metadata number when crafting. The NBTShapedRecipes object contains 63,375 different items, which slows Minecraft down heavily having to search through it. Removing this therefore removes the need to search through all the items, removing the crafting lag.

The 2.0-pre 1 update to Extra Trees fixes this by removing recipes until a suitable solution is found. The mod Binnie Fence Recipes adds the recipes back in, in a more efficient method to avoid the lag caused by their previous implementation.

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