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Current developersasie
Past developersVazkii
Latest version0.4.1
Depends onMCMultiPart
IRC channel#charsetconnect

Charset or The Charset Project is a collection of mods by asie. The name of the mod is based on the idea of a "character set"; each module is represented by a special character.

The mod has been forked and maintained by Vazkii[1][2] between versions 0.3.0-pre10 and 0.3.0-pre15, however it was picked up by asie again for version 0.3.1 and beyond.

Modules[edit | edit source]

C. Module Contains
Audio An audio transmission and playback system - an iteration over Computronics.
Decoration Adds various decorative objects, such as the Poster.
 ! Drama The Drama in a Bottle - an in-game version of the Minecraft Drama Generator
Lib Required core libraries
| Pipes Minimalist item transport system, based on Pipes and Shifters
# Storage Storage-related objects (Barrels, Locks)
* Tweaks Minor, configurable tweaks and additions
/ Wrench Adds a Wrench designed for rotating blocks in the world.

Abandoned modules[edit | edit source]

C. Module Contains Last version
& Gates Various Redstone gates, primarily inspired by RedLogic. 0.3.0-pre15
+ Wires Redstone Cables 0.3.0-pre15

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