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Current developersSatanicSanta
Latest version3.0.0

CustomizedLore is a small mod created by SatanicSanta. This mod adds a single block, the Lore Customizer, which allows the player to add additional tooltip text to items. It was created based on a comment on the FTB Forums by keybounce requesting this feature.

Lore Customizer[edit | edit source]

Lore Customizer

TypeSolid Block

The Lore Customizer is the block added by CustomizedLore. Its GUI can be used to add custom lore to any item. It has two slots: input and output, and a text field. Text formatting codes can be used to format the text, but, instead of the § character, the & character must be used. In order to place just an ampersand, two must be used &&.

The GUI and much of its code are largely based on the Anvil; however, unlike the Anvil, the Lore Customizer has no additional cost of use.

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