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Experience Bank

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Experience Bank
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ModSteve's Carts
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Steve's Carts Properties
Compatible hulls
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Addon type {{{addontype}}}
Module type Attachment
Modular cost 36
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Construction time 11 min 3 sec
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Repair with {{{repairwith}}} (+{{{durabilityperitem}}})
Drill mining speed {{{drillminingspeed}}}
Tunnel size {{{tunnelsize}}}
Effect radius {{{effectradius}}} blocks
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Engine type {{{enginetype}}}
Fuel efficiency {{{fuelefficiency}}}%
Fuel consumption {{{fuelconsumption}}}/tick
Fuel slots {{{fuelslots}}}
Coolant/Water ratio {{{coolantwaterratio}}}
Power/Lava ratio {{{powerlavaratio}}}

The Experience Bank is a attachment module added by Steve's Carts, that makes it possible to store experience orbs in hulls.



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  • The Experience Bank adds an exp gauge interface on the cart it's attached to. The gauge can hold up to 1500 experience at once, and experience can be extracted by clicking the gauge, with 50 experience per click.