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Current developersMyrathi
Latest version2.1.0.19

FlatSigns is a mod by Myrathi. It provides new sign functionality that allows signs to be placed flat on the ceiling, or the floor via sneak-click. It also adds the ability to edit already-placed signs using Sponges and Sponge Wipes.

There are no "new" sign blocks– placing a normal sign item on the ceiling or sneak-placing one on the floor will result in the new, flat style of sign. Sign text can be entered normally.

To edit a sign that already exists in the world, the player can right-click a Sponge or Sponge Wipe on it.

Sponges are made accessible in non-creative mode with this mod by throwing Yellow Wool into Water, or onto the ground while it is raining. The wool will soak up the water to create a Sponge Block.

Sponges are not very durable, so there is the option to make it into Sponge Wipes by crafting a Sponge with a Cactus Green (to give it a rougher side, akin to steel wool).

Sneaking while using a Sponge on a Sign will suppress the editing functionality and place the block as normal.

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