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Modicon gregtech5.gif
Current developers GregoriusT
Past developers {{{pastauthor}}}
Latest version 6.00.09
Depends on IndustrialCraft 2
Needed for GalacticGreg


Previously depended on {{{dependencypast}}}
Previously needed for {{{neededforpast}}}
URL Link
FTB Unhinged
FTB Ultimate
Test Pack Please Ignore

GregTech, created by GregoriusT, is an add-on mod that completely overhauls IndustrialCraft 2, adding numerous machines and materials, adjusting recipes for existing items, and revamping ore generation. GregTech is meant to extend gameplay by making certain things less overpowered, many machines more complex to craft, and adding a wide range of machinery. There is currently one available addon for GregTech; GalacticGreg, which lets GregTech Ores and Granite generate properly in Galacticraft's Moon and Mars dimensions. GregTech is currently listed as being in Open Gamma, as several late-game features from past versions have not yet been re-added, and,

Because "Beta" sounds so scary.
GregoriusT , GregTech Thread


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