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Magic Farm

GrowthCraft is a mod compilation, that adds a bunch of crops and utilities to the game. The crops are no exact copies of eachother, and all require a different treatment.

GrowthCraft Mods[edit]

Mod Version Description
GrowthCraft Core MC 1.5.2 Forge 7.8.1 Mod 2.1 The "Core" mod - lowers the amount of classes one has to download for all the other mods, and makes it easier to update all mods.
GrowthCraft Cellar MC 1.5.2 Forge 7.8.1 Mod 2.1 Previously the "Booze" mod - adds Brew Barrels and Fruit Presses to make Wine and Beer from other GrowthCraft crops (Apples, Grapes, Rice).
GrowthCraft Apples MC 1.5.2 Forge 7.8.1 Mod 4.2 Adds more use to Apples - Apple Cores (from eating an apple) can be placed under tree leaves, and can be harvested. Apple crops spawn on Oak Trees.
GrowthCraft Bamboo MC 1.5.2 Forge 7.8.1 Mod 1.1 Bamboo Forest biome added, a biome full of Bamboo. Bamboo can be used for aesthetics.
GrowthCraft Fishnet MC 1.5.2 Forge 7.8.1 Mod 4.3 Adds Fishnets - Fishnets catch fish over time.
GrowthCraft Grapes MC 1.5.2 Forge 7.8.1 Mod 5.1 Adds Grapes - Grapes are grown from Grape Stalks, and can be used to brew Grape Wine.
GrowthCraft Hops MC 1.5.2 Forge 7.8.1 Mod 3.1 Adds Hops - Hops can be brewed into Ale.
GrowthCraft Rice MC 1.5.2 Forge 7.8.1 Mod 1.1 Adds Rice - Rice can be crafted into Rice Balls and brewed into Rice Wine.
  • GrowthCraft Flowers is not added in this list. This is because the mod is not included in any FTB modpack.