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HD Capes and Skins

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HD Capes and Skins
ModCoFH Core

CoFH Core adds the ability for players to set a custom high-definition skin and cape for themself. Server admins can set capes for users if the option is enabled in the configuration file.

  • Using the template below, players can create their own cape.
  • The white space that makes up much of the template is important. It should not be deleted.
  • Save the custom cape as a png file and upload to dropbox or another picture hosting site.
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In-game commands can be used for various cape and skin mechanics.

  • /cofh cape set [url] will set the user's cape to the image at the url in the [url] space.
  • /cofh cape clear will remove the custom cape.
  • /cofh skin set [url] -- will set the user's high-definition skin to the image at the url in the [url] space.
  • /cofh skin clear will remove the custom skin.