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Current developersdenoflionsx
Latest version1.0.0B8-49
Needed forCreeperCollateral
Infinity 1.7
Alpha FTB Mage Quest
Direwolf20 (1.7.10)
Alpha FTBLite 3

INpureCore is a core mod library created by denoflionsx for his mods that are under INpureProjects. It is used by denoflionsx to reduce redundant code across his mods.

It adds a culling feature to NEI, which will remove configurable sets of duplicated content from the NEI list. By default, it will cull Forge Microblocks, BuildCraft Facades, Applied Energistics 2 Facades, ExtraUtilities Microblocks, ExtraUtilities drums, [[BiblioCraft] furniture, and some Vanilla blocks, such as mob spawners, fire, and portal blocks. It will leave a single of each type of culled items. These culling sets can be disabled in the configuration file. Custom culling filters can be written for INpureCore in JavaScript.

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