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Iron Chests

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This page is about the mod. For the item, see Iron Chest.
Iron Chests
Modicon ironchests.png
Current developersprogwml6
Past developerscpw
Latest version6.0.133.777

Iron Chests is a mod that by cpw and progwmI6 expands the storage of traditional Minecraft chests. Larger chests can be built with new recipes, or existing chests can be enlarged using upgrades. Although the chests from this mod cannot be turned into double chests, they can be placed next to each other and therefore can be more compact. Once upgraded, they cannot be degraded (i.e. into a lower tier chest or a traditional vanilla Chest).

Chests[edit | edit source]

Chest Inventory Capacity Additional notes
Copper Chest 45 slots
Iron Chest 54 slots
Silver Chest 72 slots
Gold Chest 81 slots
Diamond Chest 108 slots
Crystal Chest 108 slots It's transparent and displays the eight
most numerous items contained within.
Obsidian Chest 108 slots It's completely blast resistant.

Chest Upgrades[edit | edit source]

An existing chest can be upgraded to a higher capacity by right-clicking on the chest with the upgrade in hand.

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