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Block MFSU.png
ModIndustrialCraft 2
TypeUnknown value
Previous TierMFE
Energy Consumption
Max EU input2048 EU/t
EU storage40,000,000 EU
Max EU output2048 EU/t

The Multi-Functional Storage Unit, or MFSU, is a Tier 4 energy storage unit that stores EU (IndustrialCraft 2). The MFSU is capable of storing 40,000,000 EU and outputs 2048 EU/t from the dotted side. It can be safely removed with a wrench without lossless mode as there is no chance of it turning back into a Basic Machine Casing.


The MFSU is created with 6 Lapotron Crystals, an Advanced Circuit, an Advanced Machine Casing, and an MFE.

Not that any energy stored in either the lapotron crystals or MFE will not be in the MFSU.


The MFSU's GUI (outdated)
When placed down, the MFSU will have a dot facing the direction of the player; this is the output face of the MFSU. It can be rotated via the wrench as well as removed with the wrench. Right-clicking on the MFSU will bring up the GUI for the block.

The upper empty slot near the middle will charge batteries and tools placed in that are compatible with IndustrialCraft 2, while the bottom slot will drain these items. The meter on the right displays the charge level of the MFSU as well as it's output voltage. The upper-right redstone symbol controls how the MFSU will interact with a redstone current. The settings are:

  • Nothing - Nothing will happen if redstone current is applied nor will the MFSU emit one.
  • Emit if full - The MFSU will output a redstone current when it's full.
  • Emit if partially filled - The MFSU will output a redstone current when there is any energy stored within.
  • Emit if empty - The MFSU will output a redstone current when there is no energy in it.
  • Do not output energy - The MFSU will not output energy if there is a redstone current present.
  • Do not output energy unless full - The MFSU will not output energy unless it is full while there is a redstone current present.

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