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MineFactory Reloaded

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MineFactory Reloaded
Modicon mfr.png
Current developersSkyboy
Past developersTehKrush
Latest version2.8.1-174
Depends onCoFH Core
Agrarian Skies: Hardcore Quest
Ampz Modpack
Crash Landing
Magic Farm
Magic Farm 2:Adventures in Technology
New World Mod Pack
Tech World 2
FTB Ultimate
Unstable 1.7.x

MineFactory Reloaded (abbreviated as "MFR") is a mod created by PowerCrystals. The mod itself is a continuation from the original "MineFactory" by Feanorith. Skyboy later forked it to continue updates to newer versions.

This mod adds many machines, automating tasks such as farming, animal care, mob grinding, ore processing, enchanting and even playing the jukebox. MFR even introduces its own item transport system using Conveyor Belts.

Machines in the mod will accept Energy Units and Redstone Flux.

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