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Modular Force Field System (Minalien)

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This page is about Minalien and Imalune's updated version of Thunderdark's Modular Force Field System mod. For Calclavia's version, see Modular Force Field System (Calclavia).
Modular Force Field System
Modicon modular force field system.png
Current developersMinalien
Past developersThunderdark
Latest version3.0.01
Depends onIndustrialCraft 2

Modular Force Field System is a mod originally made by Thunderdark and passed on to Minalien and Imalune. Minalien and Imalune's version stuck true to the original, being open source and just being a forcefield mod, as well as using IndustrialCraft 2's power system, Energy Units. There is a version for the Universal Electricity Core API, which is also called Modular Force Field System.

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