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Nucleum Omnium

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Nucleum Omnium
Past developersCCM Modding Team
Latest versionbeta84
Needed forDeath Timer
FTB Unleashed

Nucleum Omnium is a core mod by the CCM Modding Team. This mod is a core package used for their mods, Death Timer, and Harvestry. Without it, these mods would not launch. Nucleum Omnium is no longer used, as of 1.6.4, and CCM Modding has turned into Double Door Dev. Nucleum Omnium has been replaced by D3 Core.

Nucleum Omnium also adds its own features, which consists of two new commands: /tps, /kill, and /tpx. It also includes a configuration option to toggle rain sounds. This is only client side. The /tps command will output the current ticks per second of the server. The /kill command will allow the user to kill any player on the server. Finally, the /tpx command will allow the user to teleport between dimensions.