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Current developersSatanicSanta
Latest version1.0.0

OreDictTips is a client-side mod created by SatanicSanta. With this mod installed, all OreDictionary entries registered to a specific item will be displayed in a list in its tooltip. The way in which this is toggled is configurable in its configuration file. The following modes are available.

Name Configuration integer Configuration description Use
Always 0 Always show the entries The entries are always shown in the tooltip.
Debug 1 Show when the F3+H debug mode is enabled Enable by enabling advanced tooltips with F3+H.
Keybind 2 Show when holding a keybind A keybind is added to the game and can be configured with the Controls menu. Holding down this keybind will show the entries.
Debug+Keybind 3 Show when the F3+H debug mode is enabled and holding a keybind Combination of Debug and Keybind; enable advanced tooltips and use the keybind as set in Controls.

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