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Redstone Furnace

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Redstone Furnace
Redstone Furnace
ModThermal Expansion
TypeUnknown value
Unrecognised parameter: blockid

The Redstone Furnace is a furnace that uses Redstone Flux energy to smelt. Some items such as food cost less energy to process in a powered furnace than they would in a traditional furnace.

Note that this is called a Powered Furnace, and uses BuildCraft energy in 1.5.2 and earlier.


The Redstone Furnace is crafted with one Redstone, two Bricks, one Machine Frame, two Copper Ingots, and one Redstone Reception Coil.


Note that this table is likely outdated.

Input Output MJ Cost
Raw Porkchop Cooked Porkchop 40
Raw Fish Cooked Fish 40
Raw Beef Steak 40
Raw Chicken Cooked Chicken 40
Potato Baked Potato 40
Cactus Cactus Green 80
Anything else Same as regular furnace 160