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RE-Battery,RE-Battery (Charged)
ModIndustrialCraft 2
Energy Consumption
Max EU input32 EU/t
EU storage10,000 EU
Max EU output32 EU/t

The RE-Battery is a rechargable battery used in IndustrialCraft 2 to power various blocks and tools. You can right-click the battery to recharge energy tools instantly.


The RE-Battery is created with 1 Tin Cable, 2 Redstone, and 4 Tin Item Casing.


The RE-Battery can be charged using almost any IndustrialCraft 2 power generating block (such as the Generator) as well as power storage block (such as the BatBox or MFE). It can placed in various IndustrialCraft 2 machines to power them as well as into power storage blocks to transfer the charge into them.

The RE-Battery is often used as a component in the construction of various tools and blocks as well.