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Realistic Torches

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Realistic Torches
Modicon Realistic Torches.png
Current developersChaosTheDude
Latest version1.6.3

Realistic Torches is a mod created by ChaosTheDude. The mod aims to modify Vanilla Torches to be more realistic. Its general intent is to increase the difficulty of early gameplay.

It replaces the Vanilla Torch recipe to result in an Unlit Torch, which can be temporarily lit. Lit torches will burn out after a specified amount of time in the configuration file, which defaults to an hour. Torches also burn out when they are rained on. Torches can be lit by crafting them with an igniting tool, or by using an igniting tool on them in the world.

Torches in Vanilla world-gen structures are replaced by the mod's custom lit torches.

Certain light-emitting items will emit a small amount of light when held. For blocks, they are considered light-emitting light sources when their luminescence value exceeds the threshold specified in the configuration file, which defaults to 1. For items, they are simply specified in the configuration file as a list of strings. By default this includes the Lava Bucket, Glowstone Dust, Blaze Powder, Blaze Rod, and Glowstone Crystal.

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