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Current developersImmibis
Latest version59.1.13
Depends onImmibis Core
Needed forNedoComputers

RedLogic is a mod by Immibis designed to be a replacement for the Wiring, Logic, and Lighting modules of RedPower 2. It also adds additional features, like custom blocks with builtin circuits.

The mechanic of builtin circuits allows the player to design their own redstone circuits using elements from Vanilla Minecraft and RedLogic. The circuits are integrated into a single block. These circuit blocks can be placed in the world and interact with redstone cables, machines and other circuits. In contrast to other mods like Project Red, Blue Power and Integrated Circuits, where the player can design 2D-circuits with a maximum of 4 output sides (sides), RedLogic allows the player to design 3D-circuits with a higher complexity and a maximum of 6 output sides (all cubic faces).

Immibis's Microblocks is an optional dependency for RedLogic. When installed, it allows gates to be placed on walls and upside down, and it allows for microblocks to separate touching wires.

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