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 Sapphire (RP2)
Sapphire (RP2)
 Sapphire (GT)
Sapphire (GT)
 Sapphire (PR)
Sapphire (PR)
Mod RedPower 2,GregTech, Project Red
Spawn Properties
Spawn level 0-48
Biomes GT only, ocean, beach

Twilight Lake, Twilight Stream

Lake Broder, Glacier

Smelt? no
Pulverized? yes
Macerate? yes
Melt? no
Ore  Sapphire Ore (RP2)
Sapphire Ore (RP2)
 Sapphire Ore (GT)
Sapphire Ore (GT)
 Sapphire Ore (PR)
Sapphire Ore (PR)
Poor Ore {{{poorore}}}
Block  Block of Sapphire
Block of Sapphire
   Storage Block
Ingot {{{ingot}}}
Hot Ingot {{{hotingot}}}
Nugget {{{nugget}}}
Gem  Sapphire (RP2)
Sapphire (RP2)
 Sapphire (GT)
Sapphire (GT)
Crystalline {{{crystalline}}}
Reduced Chunks {{{reducedchunks}}}
Clean Chunks {{{cleanchunks}}}
Dirty Gravel {{{dirtygravel}}}
Native Cluster {{{natcluster}}}
Dust  Sapphire Dust_(GregTech)
Sapphire Dust
Small Dust {{{smalldust}}}
Tiny Dust {{{tinydust}}}
Impure Dust {{{impuredust}}}
Purified Dust {{{puredust}}}
Crushed Ore {{{crushedore}}}
Purified Ore {{{pureore}}}
Centrifuged Ore {{{centrifugedore}}}
Molten {{{molten}}}
Plate {{{plate}}}
Rod {{{rod}}}
Lens {{{lens}}}
Round {{{round}}}
Bolt {{{bolt}}}
Screw {{{screw}}}
Ring {{{ring}}}
Gear {{{gear}}}
Foil {{{foil}}}
Cell {{{cell}}}
Plasma Cell {{{pcell}}}
Others {{{others}}}

Sapphire is a gem added by RedPower 2, Project Red, and GregTech. Their main purpose is to craft tools and Lapotron Crystals.

Sapphire tools are the tier between Iron and Diamond. While they have the speed of diamond, they only have 501 uses, and Sapphire pickaxes can't mine Obsidian.

Sapphires can occasionally be found in Dungeon chests.