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Modicon StartingInventory.png
Current developersbspkrs
Latest versionMinecraft 1.8: r01
Minecraft 1.7.10: r03
Minecraft 1.7.2: r02
Minecraft 1.6.4: r03
Depends onbspkrsCore

StartingInventory is a mod by bspkrs. It allows for players to automatically start the game with a specific set of items. The starting inventory is stored in the configuration file, at config/StartingInventory/startingInventory.txt. There are a few different formats for this text file, which are described below.

It adds two new commands, StartingInventory Load and StartingInventory Save, which allow for easing the creation of the player's starting inventory.

Text file format[edit | edit source]

Each line in the text file is a new stack of items that will be put in the player's inventory. The format for each line is either Integer ID, [Quantity], [Damage Value] or String ID, [Quantity] (brackets note optional values).

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