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Thaumcraft 6

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Thaumcraft 6
Current developersAzanor
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Depends onBaubles?
IRC channel#thaumcraftconnect

Thaumcraft 6 (sometimes referred to as Thaumcraft II) is a reimagining of the Thaumcraft 5 mod by Azanor. It is currently not released.

So I have been toying around with a few ideas (because thinking about TC is about all I have time for most days).

One of these has been a complete rewrite of TC from the ground up. I'm not just talking Thaumcraft 6.0 here. More accurately it would be Thaumcraft II.

In the past most of my updates have built upon previous versions and in general mechanics between versions had been evolutions instead of complete redesigns. This time around I am thinking about fundamental changes with only some of the core concepts and the flavor of the mod remaining the same.

The question is: should I? I usually get a itch to shake things up during a big update push, but this will probably be one of the biggest departures yet. Would you guys be cool with something like this?

You are probably wondering what I want to change. Honestly, I am not 100% sure yet.

One of the basic changes I am toying with is turning the whole burn-items-for-aspects thing on its head. I have floated the idea in the past with mixed opinions.

In short: Instead of breaking complex aspects down into simple ones it will work the other way around. You will start out with primals and combine them till you get the aspects you want. Burning items for aspects might not even survive this change - raw primal essentia will probably be gathered for worldgen crystals initially and later using some aura related mechanic. See what I mean with big changes?

What is your opinion on all of this?

~ Azanor
Progress is going good and I have actually managed to put in a lot work these past few weeks. Unfortunately all that work was towards completely rebuilding the mod from the ground up. I have been out of the loop for so long and so many things have changed in MC and Forge that I sort of had to relearn a lot of stuff. Rather than try and hack those changes into my old code I am just writing it from scratch. Sure it will take longer, but at least the next version will be a much leaner and more efficient one and hopefully a lot more future-proof for MC 1.11 once it rolls around.
~ Azanor
Yup, if Forge for 1.11 is released before I am done then I will probably release it for 1.11, but currently I am working in 1.10.2.
~ Azanor

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