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Thaumic Tinkerer

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Thaumic Tinkerer
Modicon Thaumic Tinkerer.png
Current developerspixlepix
Past developersVazkii
Latest version2.
Depends onThaumcraft 4
Needed forThaumic Tinkerer KAMI
Direwolf20 (1.7.10)
Unstable 1.7.x
Magic World 2
FTB Unleashed
Magic Farm
Direwolf20 (1.6.4)
Direwolf20 1.5
Test Pack Please Ignore

Thaumic Tinkerer is an addon for Thaumcraft 3, 4 and 5 originally made by Vazkii, but is now maintained by pixlepix and nekosune. It is the continuation of Vazkii's Elemental Tinkerer mod. It adds new and useful items to the Thaumcraft experience. It has an available addon, Thaumic Tinkerer KAMI, that is no longer a separate mod, and is just a configuration option. KAMI includes a lot of extremely expensive, yet extremely powerful items and blocks.

Research items in the Thaumonomicon that are added by Thaumic Tinkerer are prefixed with [TT].

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