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The Vegan Option

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The Vegan Option
Modicon theveganoption.png
Current developerssqueek502, SatanicSanta
Latest version0.2.1
IRC channel#squeekconnect

The Vegan Option is a mod developed by squeek502 and SatanicSanta. It seeks to add vegan alternatives to all of Minecraft's mob/animal products, without adding any new crops or changing world generation. Foods and drops from most mobs have various replacements. For example, Slimeballs can be replaced by Resin which drops when harvesting Spruce Wood.

Unlike real veganism, The Vegan Option is not focused largely on food. Since Minecraft already adds many vegan food options (carrots, potatoes, etc.), The Vegan Option focuses primarily on the animal products that are not simply edible, like Ghast Tears and Spider Eyes.

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