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Tinkers' Mechworks

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Tinkers' Mechworks
Current developersmDiyo, Gyro, pillbox
Latest version0.2.8
Depends onTinkers' Construct
Direwolf20 (1.7.10)
Unstable 1.7.x
Tech World 2
Direwolf20 (1.6.4)
Magic Farm 2:Adventures in Technology
Agrarian Skies: Hardcore Quest
Crash Landing
Test Pack Please Ignore

Tinkers' Mechworks is a Tinkers' Construct addon by mDiyo, Gyro, and pillbox. It adds some of the mechanical machines that were originally in Tinkers' Construct, because they were removed due to theme issues. It adds machines such as Drawbridges, which are used to create bridges when given a redstone signal. Many of the blocks in this mod are redstone-based or require a redstone signal to function.

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