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ModIndustrialCraft 2

UU-Matter is an advanced resource added by IndustrialCraft, which let players craft a number of items and blocks using a variety of shaped recipes.

UU-Matter is created by using an IndustrialCraft Mass Fabricator. For the creation of one piece of UU-Matter, the Mass Fabricator should be supplied with EU, in the form of low, medium or high voltage. After 1,000,000 EU is supplied to the Mass Fabricator, a piece of UU-Matter will be created and appear in the top slot of the Mass Fabricator's GUI. However, supplying the bottom slot of the GUI with a piece of Scrap, made using a Recycler, will reduce the EU required to produce a piece of UU-Matter by a factor of six, hence only requiring 166,667 EU per piece of UU-Matter. There are several other materials that work in a similar way to scrap if GregTech is installed, with different amounts of time that they work before a new one is needed.