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The Quarry is an advanced machine that allows for automatic excavation of a large area.


This item has varying recipes, depending on which pack you are using.


The Quarry is crafted with one Redstone, three iron gears, two gold gears, two diamond gears, and one diamond pickaxe.




A quarry should be powered with at least 2 MJ/t, though more energy will help the quarry run faster. Two Combustion Engines running on fuel (total 12 MJ/t) are enough to run the quarry at full speed. The quarry's max power consumption is 44.6 MJ/t, though it is most efficiently powered at 7 MJ/t [1]. (Once powered, the quarry will first clear out the specified area. Any blocks within this area will be destroyed. Take care that the quarry machine itself is not within the marked area, or it will delete the block and stop functioning. Then it will build a five block high orange frame before the drill tip begins digging. The quarry can be placed at any level, even underground, as it will clear space for the frame and excavation area.

A quarry under construction with the robot constructing the frame

By default, the quarry will excavate a 9x9 area and chunks within the excavation area will be pre-loaded. The size of this area can be enlarged up to 64x64 blocks using Land Marks (the actual mining area is 62x62 accounting for the frame of the quarry). Place three Land Marks in a rectangular shape on the same level. Then, right click on them and a red line will frame the area. Place a quarry next to one of the Land Marks and a black and yellow frame will show the designated mining area. The Land Marks will pop out and can be picked up for reuse later.


Blocks excavated by the quarry will be deposited in adjacent chests, or they can be transported using transport pipes. A Wooden Transport Pipe is not necessary for initial extraction of items. The quarry will also pick up dropped items that the drill bit comes in contact with. This is useful if the quarry breaks a chest in a dungeon.

If the quarry contacts lava, the blocks under the lava will not be mined. It is useful to place one block of water at the start of the quarry because the water will turn all lava into obsidian or cobblestone, which the quarry will mine.

The quarry will stop once it has mined all blocks in its specified area and reaches bedrock. Once the Quarry machine itself is removed, the orange frame will begin decaying.