"To the Bat Poles!"

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"To the Bat Poles!"
Modicon To the Bat Poles!.png
Current developersSeth0067, EnderLanky
Latest version2.0.1.2
Latest Minecraft version1.12.2
Depends onForge Endertech

"To the Bat Poles!" is a mod created by Seth0067 and EnderLanky. It allows Vanilla Iron Bars, Glass Panes, Fences, End Rods and also 5 types of poles to be used as vertical player transport solutions. With this mod installed, single columns of Iron Bars or any type of pole will function as slidable poles, similar to fireman's poles. The player can begin sliding on the pole by jumping onto the side, and they can dismount using the dismount control key. When sliding down, the player will spin around the pole, and the speed of spinning is depended on the direction the player is looking.

The sliding speeds, acceleration and maximum rotation speed for each type of pole can be configured in the config files.

To the Bat Poles! pole.png

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