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Past developershamarb123
Supported Minecraft versions1.3.2

2DCraft is a mod created by hamarb123 that adds two new World Generation option, "2DCraft" and "Terraria." World created are only 2 blocks wide. The 2DCraft world type is more similar to regular Minecraft, while the Terraria world type has slightly different terrain and allows for higher jumping. Both worlds will not generate landmarks like Dungeons and Villages.

When using these world types, 2DCraft will change the viewpoint of the player so that the display is like of a side-scrolling video game. This can be configured in the options menu.

Inspired 2DCraft game[edit | edit source]

Based on the original mod, a video game named 2DCraft was created by the author and FunBandit29 for users of Windows 10.

The 2DCraft logo.

Installation[edit | edit source]

  1. Install Minecraft version 1.3.2
  2. Go to %appdata%\.minecraft\versions\ (windows) or ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/versions (mac)
  3. Clone version 1.3.2 and rename it to 2DCraftMod1.4.1
  4. Rename files to 2DCraftMod1.4.1 but leave the extension the same
  5. Open json file and replace all instances of 1.3.1 with 2DCraft1.4.1
  6. Open 2DCraftMod1.4.1.jar with 7-zip/Win-Rar/IZArc
  7. Delete META-INF Folder
  8. Put all the files of the mod into the 2DCraftMod1.4.1.jar
  9. Save the .jar file
  10. Open Minecraft and make a new Profile with the selected version being 2DCraftMod1.4.1
  11. Use the profile to play with this mod

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