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AC Electric Engine

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AC Electric Engine


The AC Electric Engine is a RotaryCraft engine. It generates Shaft Power from an alternating redstone signal. It also requires a magnetized shaft core, which will gradually de-magnetize.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Usage[edit | edit source]

Like the DC Electric Engine, the AC electric engine runs off a redstone signal, but alternating (AC) instead of a steady current (DC). Faster cycle times correlate to more consistent power output, with 2-clocks providing a constant supply of 256 Nm at 512 rad/s 131.072kW. This engine requires a Magnetized Shaft Core, which it will slowly lose its magnetic charge.

The AC Electric Engine produces 256 Nm Torque at 512 Rad/s Speed, for a total of 131.072kW Power, power output equal to two Gasoline Engines linked with Shaft Junctions.