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AE2 Stuff
ME Controller 2.png
Current developersBDew
Latest versionAE2Stuff
Latest Minecraft version1.12.2
Depends onApplied Energistics 2
This mods [sic] adds various bits and machines to Applied Energistics 2.

AE2 Stuff is a mod created by BDew. The mod adds multiple blocks and items to give the player more options in how they interact with Applied Energistics 2, aimed at making gameplay for the mod easier, more fun, and less time-consuming.

Added Blocks[edit | edit source]

Crystal Growth Chamber[edit | edit source]

Crystal Growth Chamber
ModAE2 Stuff

The Crystal Growth Chamber is a machine added by the mod. It removes the need to grow Crystal Seeds in Water and will fully grow Seeds within 30 seconds. It can also form Fluix Crystals by putting in Charged Certus Quartz Crystals, Nether Quartz, and Redstone. Seeds, Fluix Crystal components, and Pure Crystals can be piped in and out from any side. When it is active it will consume 100 AE/t; once it is finished processing materials it will automatically shut down and conserve energy.

Advanced Inscriber[edit | edit source]

Advanced Inscriber
ModAE2 Stuff

The Advanced Inscriber is a machine added by the mod. It facilitates using the Inscriber. It is able to pipe components in from any side and finished products out from any side. It can also support up to 5 Acceleration Cards and input and output items can be stacked.

Pattern Encoder[edit | edit source]

Pattern Encoder
ModAE2 Stuff

The Pattern Encoder is a block added by the mod. It constantly consumes 1 AE/t and requires a network connection to function. By using the "?" button in NEI, patterns can be encoded. Unlike the Applied Energistics 2 Inscriber, the Pattern Encoder does not require the components to be accessible by the network. The Pattern Encoder will only do crafting recipes, but not processing patterns. The Pattern encoder will retain its pattern when broken.

Wireless Connector[edit | edit source]

Wireless Connector
ModAE2 Stuff
TypeSolid block

The Wireless Connector is a block added by the mod. It acts as a short-distance quantum bridge that is able to transfer up to 32 channels and is able to directly connect to ME Dense Cables. Only two Connectors can be connected to one another via a Wireless Setup Kit. The default AE/t cost can be calculated as \text{AE/t} = 10 + distance^2. This connection only needs to be provided on one side, though it will not work across dimensions.

Added Items[edit | edit source]

Wireless Setup Kit[edit | edit source]

Wireless Setup Kit
ModAE2 Stuff

The Wireless Setup Kit is an item added by the mod. It is used to connect two Wireless Connectors together by right-clicking on them; previously established connections will be removed. If one of the Connectors has a security station, permission is needed for the connection to occur; if both sides have a security station the connection will not occur as a network can only have one security station.

Network Visualisation Tool[edit | edit source]

Network Visualisation Tool
ModAE2 Stuff

The Network Visualisation Tool is an item added by the mod. It is used to select networks by right-clicking on any of its networked blocks. The mode can be changed by scrolling the mouse wheel while holding the "Shift" key.

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