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Abyssal Stone (AbyssalCraft)

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This page is about the Abyssal Stone added by AbyssalCraft. For other uses, see Abyssal Stone.
Abyssal Stone

TypeSolid block
StackableYes (64)

Abyssal Stone is a block added by AbyssalCraft. It generates underground in the Abyssal Wastelands.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Abyssal Stone generates under the Abyssal Wastelands below a layer of Fused Abyssal Sand and Abyssal Sand. It can also be found on the surface of the Abyssal Wastelands in small patches. The player will have to either scavenge for Abyssal Stone on the surface of the Abyssal Wastelands, or dig through the Fused Abyssal Sand and Abyssal Sand to mine Abyssal Stone.

The Abyssal Wastelands portal frame is made of Abyssal Stone.

Abyssal Stone is broken the fastest when using a pickaxe.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Abyssal Stone is used for decoration, crafting, or performing Rituals.

All vanilla Minecraft Stone Brick variants, Buttons, Pressure Plates and Fences have a corresponding corresponding Abyssal Stone variant.

The Chunk of Coralium can be crafted using one Abyssal Stone surrounded by 8 Coralium Gem Clusters (9 gems).

Abyssal Stone is also used to perform rituals. The Coralium Plague Ritual requires 4 Abyssal Stone on the 4 corner Pedestals, a Shadow Gem and 3 Coralium Plagued Flesh on the remaining 3 pedestals. A Staff of Rending is placed on the altar, and an Abyssal Wastelands Necronomicon is required to perform the Ritual. This ritual upgrades the Staff of Rending that is placed on the altar.

History[edit | edit source]

Version history
1.1.5Introduced Abyssal Stone.
1.1.6Added Abyssal Stone Bricks, Abyssal Stone Bricks Slab, Abyssal Stone Bricks Stairs and Abyssal Stone Bricks Fence
1.4.5Added Abyssal Stone Button and Abyssal Stone Pressure Plate
1.5.0DeltaAbyssal Stone texture is now brighter.
1.5.0Abyssal Stone generates when Liquid Coralium touches any variant of stone.
1.5.5Abyssal Wastelands portal is now made of Abyssal Stone. Stone can now be found on the surface of the Abyssal Wastelands in small patches. Cobblestone now generates when Liquid Coralium touches any variant of stone instead of Abyssal Stone.

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