Aechor Petal (The Aether)

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This page is about the Aechor Petal added by The Aether. For other uses, see Aechor Petal.


Aechor petals are an item that is obtained by killing aechor plants.

The killed plant drops 2 petals, that can then be used for farming or crafting a poisonous weapon. The player should keep in mind that the plant shoot poisonous arrows at you when you get close to it, so obtaining Aechor petals can be a hazardous experience. It is advised to either go in protected against the impacts of poison, or to block your line-of-sight to the plant with a couple of stacked blocks.

Uses[edit | edit source]

The Aechor petal is used in a crafting recipe to make poison shooters, and is also used to feed baby moas.

Use in crafting[edit | edit source]

The Aechor petal can be combined with a dart shooter to make a poison shooter for shooting poison darts. Because these darts are made using a poison bucket, you want to avoid killing aechor plants straight away, until after you have first harvested some poison from the plant.

Ingredients Input » Output
Aechor Petal,
Dart Shooter
Template:Grid/Crafting Table

Use in growing[edit | edit source]

Baby moa grow up by eating the petals. They need to eat a petal for every consecutive mid-air jump that they will be capable of making. A blue moa that can perform 3 mid-air jumps needs to eat 3 petals before it grows, whereas a black moa that can perform up to 8 mid-air jumps needs to eat 8 petals.

Once a petal is eaten by a baby moa, the baby will be too full to eat another petal until after a random amount of time has passed.