Aether Dirt (The Aether)

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This page is about the Aether Dirt added by The Aether. For other uses, see Aether Dirt.
Aether Dirt
Block Aether Dirt (The Aether).png

ModThe Aether
TypeSolid block
Blast resistance1
Technical details
Registry nameaether_legacy:aether_dirt
Unlocalized nameaether_dirt

Aether Dirt is a block added by The Aether. This block looks and functions very similar to Dirt, but it cannot be tilled. This block is one of the most common blocks in the Aether, spawning on the top layers of islands. The texture for this block is used on all 6 sides and is very similar to ordinary dirt but with a change in color.

When an Aether Dirt block is adjacent to an Aether Grass block and is exposed to a light level of at least 4 (usually from torches or sunlight), it will eventually be converted into Aether Grass; the exact time this happens is random and unpredictable.

Aether Dirt is simple to mine and is often acquired in large amounts when unmonitored during its excavation. It will always drop a resource block, regardless of how it was mined. It may be mined by hand fairly quickly, but using a shovel will significantly speed up the process.

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