Registros Akáshicos

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This page is a translated version of the page Akashic Records and the translation is 67% complete.

Registros Akáshicos


O Registros Akáshicos é um item adicionado por Avaritia. Ele só é adicionado quando Thaumcraft 4 é carregado. Botão direito do mouse com ele na mão irá dar ao jogador 999 pontos de pesquisa para cada Aspect no jogo, o que pode causar algum atraso menor.


As of version 1.11 of Avaritia, the Akashic Records have an infusion recipe with instability of Dangerous (before that version, it did not). Template:Cg/Infusion Altar/pt-br

Thaumonomicon Entry

You've researched enough of the world to crack the fabric of reality and enter the Outer Realms, but surely there's always room for MORE research, right?

The Akashic Records will give you all the research points in the world and then a little more.

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