Alchemic Condenser

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Alchemic Condenser

TypeTile entity

The Alchemic Condenser is a tile entity added by Rustic. It is used to perform basic alchemy.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Condensers can be made with bricks, white stained clay, and a bucket. Retorts can be made with bricks, iron, and a bucket.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Basic Alchemy is performed in a Condenser. A Condenser must have Retorts on either side facing the condenser in order to operate.

The tank on the right side of the GUI is for water. It can be filled or emptied by right-clicking the block with buckets in hand, or by shift-right-clicking the block with an empty hand to discard all stored fluid. The slot on the bottom middle of the GUI is for solid fuels. The slot on the top-right of the GUI is for glass bottles. The large slot below that is the output slot, where finished elixirs appear. The two slots on the left of the GUI are for ingredients. Brewing is done by putting valid ingredients into the ingredient slots, and supplying the condenser with enough fuel, water, and bottles to brew.


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