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Modicon Alchemistry.png
Current developersal132
Latest version1.0.32
Latest Minecraft version1.12.2
Depends onA Lib
Shadowfacts' Forgelin
Mod IDalchemistry
Antimatter Chemistry
Clever Chemistry
Dungeons, Dragons and Space Shuttles
Volcano Block

Alchemistry is a mod by al132. It is a spiritual successor of Minechem.

It adds several machines that can break down items and fluids into chemicals (the Chemical Dissolver and the Atomizer), which can be further be broken down into elements. Those elements and chemical can then be altered, either with a Fission or Fusion Multiblock, before being recombined into different items or fluids using the Chemical Combiner and the Liquifier.

If Patchouli is installed, then the Alchemistry Guidebook may be obtained, which contains information on how to use the machines and how to assemble the multiblocks.

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