Alloy Smelter (Ender IO)

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This page is about the Alloy Smelter from Ender IO. For other uses, see Alloy Smelter.
Alloy Smelter

ModEnder IO
Tooltip textUsed to create EnderIO alloys
Can also be used as a powered furnace
Upgrade with capacitors to increase speed and energy storage
Previous tier
Next tier
RF useBase: 20 RF/t
RF storageBase: 100,000 RF

The Alloy Smelter is a machine added by Ender IO. It is used to both smelt items and to create alloys like Electrical Steel, using Redstone Flux (RF). The Alloy Smelter has three input slots and one output slot. Putting a Double-Layered Capacitor or Octadic Capacitor into the upgrade slot (in the bottom-left corner of the GUI) will increase the energy storage and speed of the machine. It can also be configured to operate depending on Redstone conditions and how sides interact with their surroundings.

The Alloy Smelter has a "Furnace Mode" button in the bottom-right corner with three different options:

  • Furnace Only: Alloy Smelter will only smelt normally like the standard Furnace.
  • Alloys Only: Alloy Smelter will only create alloys.
  • All Smelting: Alloy Smelter will smelt normally and create alloys.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

FTB Infinity Evolved (Expert Mode)[edit | edit source]

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