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Welcome, this guide will instruct you on how to use and make an alveary, plus some extra's like other special blocks. First, the normal alveary.

Basic Alveary[edit | edit source]

Alveary blocks are made with one Impregnated Casing and 8 Scented Paneling. You will need a 3x3x3 shape made entirely out of Alveary blocks, so 27 blocks. Each block requires 8 Scented Paneling, and one Scented Paneling requires 500mB of Honey. That is 4,000 mB of Honey per Alveary block, and 108,000 mB for the entire structure.
Other than that, you'll need 216 Pollen, 216 Royal Jelly and 432 Beeswax for the Scented Paneling, and 6,750 mB of Seed Oil for the Impregnated Casing.

Impregnated Casing[edit | edit source]
Scented Paneling[edit | edit source]

The Alveary blocks themselves are crafted like so;

Alveary[edit | edit source]

Structure[edit | edit source]

As previously mentioned you need 27 of those Alveary blocks, in a 3x3x3 box shape, with a solid center. After you've placed that, you need to cover the top with 3x3 Wood Slabs. Any Wood Slabs from Vanilla should work.

It should like this:

File:Alveary guide 001.jpg

There are two main bonuses to Alvearies.

  1. The Alveary has a 100% production boost.
  2. There are several special Alveary blocks that you can use to make your Alveary better.

Special Alveary blocks[edit | edit source]

And now, the special Alveary blocks. To insert these, just replace any Alveary block with one of them.

Alveary Heater[edit | edit source]

The Alveary Heater needs 1 MJ/t (will use more if given) and adds 20% points to the internal temperature rating, with a maximum at 250%.

Alveary Fan[edit | edit source]

The Alveary Fan needs 1 MJ/t (will use more if given) and removes 20% points from the internal temperature rating with a minimum at 5%.

Swarmer[edit | edit source]

The Swarmer requires no power. To use it, right click it to open up its inventory, and put some royal jelly inside. There's a 1% chance per jelly that within 25 blocks of the alveary, a swarm hive will appear, which contains a princess exactly the same as the queen currently in the alveary. These queens are marked with a line [-], and will die after a few generations.

Hygroregulator[edit | edit source]

This block will change both the humidity and the temperature rating, depending on the liquid used.

  • Water will raise the humidity by 20% points (up to 100%) and reduce the temperature by 10% points (up to 0%). It can be piped in or added via buckets/cans/etc. and lasts 50 seconds.
  • Lava will reduce the humidity by 20% points (up to 0%) and raise the temperature by 10% points (up to 200%). It can be piped in or added via buckets/cans/etc. and lasts 500 seconds.
  • Liquid Ice (from squeezed Ice Shards) will raise the humidity by 40% points (up to 100%) and reduce the temperature by 20% points (up to 0%). It can be piped in and lasts 500 seconds.

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