Ambrosium Shard (The Aether)

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This page is about the Ambrosium Shard added by The Aether. For other uses, see Ambrosium Shard.
Ambrosium Shard

ModThe Aether
Technical details
Registry nameaether_legacy:ambrosium_shard
Unlocalized nameambrosium_shard

The Ambrosium Shard is an item added by The Aether. This item is obtained by mining Ambrosium Ore found all around in the Aether Dimension. Sometimes, Ambrosium Shards are found as a reward in chests after a boss battle in Bronze Dungeons and Silver Dungeons.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Ambrosium Shards are used for crafting Ambrosium Torches with Skyroot Sticks making it the equivalent to Coal in the Overworld. Ambrosium Shards can also craft the Healing Stone with which you can heal yourself, and the mineral can be used as a power source for the Altar. You can also use Ambrosium Shards on Aether Grass to turn it in to Enchanted Aether Grass, which causes Berry Bushes to hold more fruit.