Analog Sea Lantern

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Analog Sea Lantern

TypeSolid block
Blast resistance0
Technical details
Registry namedazzle:[color]_lantern_analog_lamp
Unlocalized nametile.dazzle.[color]_lantern_analog_lamp

The Analog Sea Lantern is a set of blocks added by Dazzle. It is a version of the Sea Lantern which outputs light at a proportional level to the power of redstone it is given. Like the Sea Lantern, it can be inverted using a Redstone Torch. It will output a light level proportional to the power, or if inverted, the difference between 15 and the power. For example, when powered by a redstone signal of 5, by default, it will emit light level 5, or if inverted, 10.

They appear identical to Sea Lantern.

Recipe[edit | edit source]