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Antimatter is a status effect added by AbyssalCraft. It can be applied through contact with Liquid Antimatter, the Antimatter Eradication ritual or with Potions of Annihilation.

Entities affected with Antimatter take 5 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHalf Heart.svg) damage every half-second, regardless of the applied level. If an entity dies while affected by Antimatter, the appropriate Anti-mob (such as an Anti-Player for players) will spawn in its place, if it exists.

Potions of Annihilation can be brewed by adding either Anti-plagued Flesh, Anti-plagued Flesh on A Bone or Rotten Anti-Flesh to an Awkward Potion. This will apply Antimatter for 3 minutes and can be lengthened to 8 minutes by adding Redstone.