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Applied Energistics

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Applied Energistics
Modicon appliedenergistics.png
Past developersAlgorithmX2
Latest versionrv14finale3
Latest Minecraft version1.6.4
Needed forExtraCells
Tech World 2
Direwolf20 (1.6.4)
FTB Unleashed
FTB Unhinged
Direwolf20 1.5
FTB Ultimate
Direwolf20 Pack
New World Mod Pack
Ampz Modpack
Magic Farm

Applied Energistics is a mod by AlgorithmX2 that focuses on storage compactness and auto-crafting. The main purpose of this mod is to create a compact and easily expandable storage system. Items and blocks can be stored on disks, rather than in chests or barrels, making storage easier and more compact. Applied Energistics also provides several auto-crafting options, ranging from basic crafting grid operations to machine crafting integration. Applied Energistics can also seamlessly provide integration with several mods including IndustrialCraft 2, BuildCraft, Thermal Expansion, and Logistics Pipes.

As of Minecraft version 1.7, Applied Energistics has been replaced by Applied Energistics 2.

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