Arcane Archives

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Arcane Archives
Modicon Arcane Archives.png
Current developersAranaiRa
Latest version0.2.0.1
Latest Minecraft version1.12.2
Depends onMysticalLib
Mod IDarcanearchives

Arcane Archives is a mod created by AranaiRa, Noobanidus, and Lenyeto. It is an early- to mid-game magic themed storage mod.

Its main features are Radiant Chests, large chest that can hold a lot more items per stack than other inventories, Radiant Tanks, upgradable fluid tanks which coupled with the Radiant Amphora allows remote fluid insertion and removal, and Radiant Troves, which can hold a large amount of a single item and are also upgradable.

Other features include the Manifest, which allow the player to search through all of their placed inventories (either from Arcane Archives or tracked with a Monitoring Crystal), and the Brazier of Hoarding which allows quick remote insertion into relevant inventories on the network.

It also features integration with several other magic mods, such as Astral Sorcery, Electroblob's Wizardry, and Thaumcraft 6, with more planned.

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