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Architect Table

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Architect Table
Architect Table.png


The Architect Table is a machine that creates building Templates and Blueprints. It takes a structure built in its designated area and writes it to a blank Template or Blueprint.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Usage[edit | edit source]

1. Setup[edit | edit source]

The Architect Table with a structure within

An area must first be specified using Land Marks. At least four Land Marks must be used to specify a three-dimensional area for the Architect Table to work in. Right-click the Land Marks to create a red frame of the area, then place the Architect Table at one of the Land Marks. The Land Marks will pop out of the ground and a black and yellow frame will show the designated area.

Build the structure within this area, including the frame areas.

2. GUI[edit | edit source]

The designed structure can be written either to a Template or a Blueprint. The differences are:

  • Blueprint - The exact materials used in the structure will be remembered, so only those materials can be used to build it
  • Template - Only the shape of the structure will be remembered, so any block can be used to build it

Type a name for the blueprint or template in the middle bar. Then place a blank Blueprint or Template into the left slot. It will then write the structure for a few seconds. This blueprint or template can then be used in a Builder to automatically build the structure. If no name is specified, it will be given a number instead.