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Current developersAroma1997
Latest version1.3.0.2
Latest Minecraft version1.12.2
Unstable 1.7.2

Aroma1997Core is a library of common code by Aroma1997. It is used to avoid redundant code within Aroma's mods. It is required for Compact Windmills, Aroma1997's Dimensional World, Aroma1997's Portable Charger, AromaBackup, and BetterChests to launch and run correctly. Along with being a library of common code, it also has various commands and functions, which can be found below.

Functions[edit | edit source]

  • '/sleep' command, which will print which players are not sleeping.
  • '/sleep inform' command, which will inform awake player that you want to sleep.
  • '/sleep kick' command, which will kick all players who are not sleeping from the server.
  • It also adds a command-based mailbox system, using the commands '/mail send <target> <message>' to send mail and '/mail read' to read the mail in the inbox.

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