Assembler (Environmental Tech)

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This page is about the Assembler added by Environmental Tech. For other uses, see Assembler.

ModEnvironmental Tech

The Assembler is a tool added by Environmental Tech. It is used to build some of the machines added by the mod and to find out what blocks are required to build them.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Holding down the right mouse button on a control block (e.g., a Solar Array Controller Tier 1) with the parts required in the player's inventory (in this case, 9 Solar Cells, 9 Structure Frames, and 4 Null Modifiers) will slowly build the structure.

Left-clicking on a control block will reveal what blocks are required to complete the multiblock structure.

Shift right-clicking on an Environmental Tech block (e.g. Structure Panel, Structure Frame, Void Ore Miner Controller) will instantly drop the block for immediate retrieval. This is useful for quickly disassembling a multiblock structure.

Recipe[edit | edit source]