Aura Node (Thaumcraft 4)

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This page is about Aura Node from Thaumcraft 4. For other uses, see Aura Node.
Aura Node
ModThaumcraft 4
TypeTransparent block
TC4 AspectsVaries
Aura node viewed while wearing Goggles of Revealing.

The Aura Node is a transparent block added by Thaumcraft 4. Nodes generate naturally in the world and are virtually invisible to the naked eye—in order to see them clearly, the player must either hold a Thaumometer or wear Goggles of Revealing (or equivalent). Each node will have a randomly generated set of aspects, at least one of which is a primal aspect. Nodes can be tapped by holding down the right mouse button with a wand in hand to harness vis from them through their primal aspects. If an aspect is completely drained, it has a chance of having its maximum capacity reduced or disappear permanently; the research topic "Node Preserver" in the Thaumonomicon can safely reduce drained aspects to one point, so long as the player is not using a wand that is made of a standard wooden core or capped with iron. Compound aspects can also be tapped if a nearby Wand Recharge Pedestal also has a Compound Recharge Focus. Breaking them (by punching them) will cause them to drop Ethereal Essence based on the aspects currently in the node.

Brightness[edit | edit source]

Over time, nodes will recharge their aspects back to their capped levels. The rate at which it does so is determined by its brightness.

Brightness Recharge Rate
Bright Twice as fast than normal
Normal Normal
Pale Twice as slow than normal
Fading No charge

Fading nodes, given enough time, will disappear completely from the world.

Types[edit | edit source]

Aside from the standard node, there are a few different types that have their own characteristics:

  • Sinister: Creates an Eerie biome in a 23x23 square area centered on it. Spawns Angry Zombies and Furious Zombies when light levels are low enough. Scanning this type of node with a Thaumometer will grant the player some
    research points.
  • Tainted: Creates a Tainted Lands biome around it. Scanning this type of node with a Thaumometer will grant the player some
    research points.
  • Pure: Creates a Magical Forest biome in a 15x15 square area centered on it. Can be used to keep Tainted Lands at bay. Growing a Silverwood Tree has a chance to create one. Scanning this type of node with a Thaumometer will grant the player some
    research points.
  • Hungry: Absorbs everything around it except blocks that require a mining level of at least 5 (i.e., Obsidian) into it and turning items into the aspects that they are comprised of. Entities will be absorbed and take damage. Scanning this type of node will grant the player some
    research points.
    CAUTION: Players are strongly recommended not to approach unless they have some method of capturing it or a means of escape; any deaths in the hungry node's vicinity will absorb all the player's items.

Energized Nodes[edit | edit source]

Energized node linked to a Vis Charge Relay.

Once "Harnessing Vis" in the Thaumonomicon has been researched, the player may energize a node by using a Node Stabilizer (or Advanced Node Stabilizer) and Node Transducer placed below and above the node respectively. While the Stabilizer will use the node's own energy to power itself, the Transducer requires a redstone signal in order for it to be activated. When the Transducer activates it will take the node roughly half a minute to drain its stored vis before transforming into an energized node which will emit centivis. Once this is done all compound aspects will break down into their primal aspects and wands will no longer be able to harness the node directly. Removing the redstone signal from the Transducer will result in the node safely returning to normal, but with 0 vis; this means there is a chance it will lose capacity or stop producing some aspects. Breaking an energized Node, the Transducer, or the Stabilizer it is on will cause it to explode and generate moderate amounts of Flux Goo and Flux Gas around it.

Transporting[edit | edit source]

Nodes can be transported using a Node in a Jar, though this has a very high chance of reducing their brightness by 1 step. Tools that can safely move tile entities like the Matter Transporter can also be used to transport them without reducing their brightness.

Node bullying[edit | edit source]

From version 4.11 onwards, Thaumcraft introduces the concept of Node bullying, where a larger node can "bully" a smaller node within 4 blocks by zapping it every once in a while. The possibilities include:

  • Reducing the smaller node's current vis by 1 point.
  • Reducing the smaller node's maximum vis by 1 point.
  • Increasing the larger node's maximum vis by 1 point in an aspect that was drained. The probability of this occurring is

or 1 over the total vis points or 1%, whichever is greater.