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Auto Anvil

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Auto Anvil


The Auto Anvil is a block from the OpenBlocks mod. This block is used to automatically repair and enchant tools using liquid experience. Enchanting tools will require enchanted books to be put into the Auto Anvil, much like a normal Anvil. Liquid experience can be automatically pumped into the Auto Anvil by toggling Auto Drink in the GUI, then selecting the desired side to auto drink from by left clicking that face. Tools and materials can be automatically extracted from an adjacent inventory into the Auto Anvil by toggling Auto Extract in the GUI, then selecting the desired side to auto extract from by left clicking the according face. This must be done once for the tool and once for the material/books; it can be the same face to extract from. The same functionality is available for automatically ejecting the repaired/enchanted tools that are created. The Auto Anvil can be rotated within the GUI by holding the right mouse button and rotating the block.

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