Auto Reboot Switch

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Auto Reboot Switch

ModGregTech 6

The Auto Reboot Switch is a machine cover added by GregTech 6. It will periodically attempt to restart a machine, as denoted in its appearance (1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, or 30 minutes). Is is primarily used in conjunction with the Automatic Igniter to allow the latter to ignite another machine periodically instead of constantly consuming power.



When attached to a machine that can accept switches, the Auto Reboot Switch will switch it on during a single tick in the specified interval, and switch it off for the remainder of the interval. The Reboot Switch will not switch the machine off if switching it on causes it to enter a running actively state in which it is processing a recipe. Like the Automatic Machine Switch, the Reboot Switch will also switch on any power converter machine directly attached to it. For most crafting machines, the Automatic Machine Switch is sufficient for switching the machine on and off as needed, but the Reboot Switch may find niche uses related to batch processing operations.